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Delia Fuhrmann
Research staff, Executive processes group
01223 769402

I am interested in lifespan development and plasticity. My current research focus is executive functions, such as reasoning and working memory, and their neural substrates. I am investigating this topic using mostly large, publicly available data-sets and multivariate statistical tools like Structural Equation Modelling.

Personal website

CBSU publications
FUHRMANN, D. , SIMPSON-KENT, I., Bathelt, J., CALM team & KIEVIT, R. (In Press) A hierarchical watershed model of fluid intelligence in childhood and adolescence, Cerebral Cortex [Read More]

SIMPSON-KENT, I., FUHRMANN, D. , Bathelt, J., Achterberg, J., BORGEEST, G.S., the CALM Team, KIEVIT, R.A. (2020) Neurocognitive reorganization between crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence and white matter microstructure in two age-heterogeneous developmental cohorts, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 41, 100743 [Open Access]

KIEVIT, R., FUHRMANN, D. , BORGEEST, S., SIMPSON-KENT, I., HENSON, R. (2018) The neural determinants of age-related changes in fluid intelligence: a pre-registered, longitudinal analysis in UK Biobank, Wellcome Open Research [Open Access]

FUHRMANN, D. , NESBITT, D., Shafto, M., ROWE, J.B., PRICE, D., Gadie, A., Cam-CAN. & KIEVIT, R.A. (2018) Strong and specific associations between cardiovascular risk factors and brain white matter micro- and macro-structure in healthy ageing, Neurobiology of Aging, 74, 46-55 [Open Access]