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Silvana Mareva
Research Staff
01223 769707
Programme Leader: Duncan Astle
CBSU publications
MAREVA, S. , The CALM Team, HOLMES, J. (2022) Cognitive and Academic Skills in Two Developmental Cohorts of Different Ability Level: A Mutualistic Network Perspective, Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 11(2):209-217 [Open Access]

HOLMES, J., MAREVA, S. , BENNETT, M.P., Black, M.J., & GUY, J. (2021) Higher-Order Dimensions of Psychopathology in a Neurodevelopmental Transdiagnostic Sample, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 01 Nov 2021, 130(8):909-922 [Open Access]

Simpson-Kent, I.L., Fried, E, I., AKARCA, D, MAREVA, S. , Bullmore, E.T., The CALM Team, Kievit , R.A. (2021) Bridging Brain and Cognition: A Multilayer Network Analysis of Brain Structural Covariance and General Intelligence in a Developmental Sample of Struggling Learners, Journal of Intelligence, 9(2), 32 [Open Access]

HOLMES, J., GUY, J., MAREVA, S. , BRYANT, A. KIEVIT, R., GATHERCOLE, S. (2020) Cognitive Dimensions of Learning in Children with Problems in Attention, Learning and Memory, Journal of Educational Psychology, 12 Nov 2020, 113(7):1454-1480 [Open Access]

Gibson, J.L., Fink, E., Torres, P.E., Browne, W.V., MAREVA, S. (2019) Making sense of social pretense: The effect of the dyad, sex, and language ability in a large observational study of children’s behaviors in a social pretend play context, Social Development, 29(2), 526-543 [Open Access]

Francis, G., Farr, W., MAREVA, S. & Gibson, J. (2019) Do Tangible User Interfaces promote social behaviour during free play? A comparison of autistic and typically-developing children playing with passive and digital construction toys., Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 58, 68-82. [Read More]

Ruggeri, K., Bojanić, L., van Bokhorst, L., Jarke, H., MAREVA, S. , Ojinaga-Alfageme, O., Mellor, D.T., Norton, S. (2019) Editorial: Advancing Methods for Psychological Assessment Across Borders., Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 503 [Open Access]

Ruggeri, K., Bojanić, L. van Bokhors, L, Jarke, H., MAREVA, S. , Ojinaga-Alfageme, O., Mellor, D.T. and Norton, S. (2019) Editorial: Advancing Methods for Psychological Assessment Across Borders, Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 503. [Open Access]

MAREVA, S. , HOLMES, J., CALM Team (2019) Transdiagnostic associations across communication, cognitive, and behavioural problems in a developmentally at-risk population: a network approach, BMC Pediatrics, 19(1), 452 [Open Access]