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Catriona Drew
Research Staff
01223 766 166
CBSU publications
Uher, R., Murphy, T., Brammer, M.J., DALGLEISH, T., Phillips, M.L., Ng, V.W., Andrew, C. M., Williams, S.C.R., Campbell, I.C. & Treasure, J. (2004) Medial prefrontal cortex activity is associated with symptom provocation in eating disorders , American Journal of Psychiatry, 161(7), 1238-1246 [Read More]

Phillips, M.L., Young, A.W., SCOTT, S.K., CALDER, A.J., Andrew, C. , Giampietro, V., Williams, S.C.R., Bullmore, E.T., Brammer, M., and Gray, J.A. (1998) Neural responses to facial and vocal expressions of fear and disgust., Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B (1998) 265, 1809-1817. [Read More]