Equality and Diversity at the CBU

The MRC CBU has a strong commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace. The Equality & Diversity Committee was formed in June 2009 to ensure this.

Statement from the director

Here at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit our strongest commitment is to excellence in our activities, and one of the ways in which this has to be achieved is by ensuring fairness of opportunity for all our staff and also for those who wish to join us. We are actively engaged in ensuring that this is achieved through robust and transparent procedures and flexible working practices, through both formal and informal support at all career points, and through celebrating and rewarding achievements. The result, we hope, is that both the Unit and individuals who work here fulfil their true potential for conducting and supporting ground-breaking cognitive science.”

Susan Gathercole, Director


If you are onsite at the CBU, you can visit our internal Equality & Diversity pages which have additional resources, including links to the Equality & Diversity Committee meeting minutes. If you are an employee of the MRC, you can read about MRC policies regarding maternity/paternity leave, flexible working, etc. on the MRC Portal here.

As a government (MRC) research unit (rather than a higher education institute), we have not been eligible for Equality Awards like Athena Swan until April 2014, so we are now working towards the goals set by such awards.

If there are any other resources you would like to see on these pages, please contact a member of the Equality & Diversity Committee.