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Long-term Cognitive Outcome of Meningioma and the Effects of Treatment (COMET) Study Results
Zheng1, x., Hart, M., ERZINCLIOFLU, S., Das, T., Enriquez-Geppert, S., Pickard, J.D., Antoun, N., Kirollo, R., DUNCAN, J.D., Santarius, T.
Poster Presentation by Nancy Zhang at the Society for British Neurological Surgeons Meeting, March 2017 Objectives: Meningioma is the most common extra-axial tumour, however, little is known about the effect of the disease and its treatment on the brain, and patients’ functional and cognitive outcomes. We hypothesised that peri-operative factors can affect patients’ cognitive outcome. Design: We aimed to identify clinical and radiological features associated with cognitive outcome in patients who had undergone resections of a supratentorial meningioma. Subjects: 28 active participants with both complete cognitive and radiological outcomes were identified in our database of focal brain injuries. The cognitive tests performed were the National Adult Reading Test (NART) and Cattell Culture Fair Test (CCFT). Methods: NART and CCFT scores were converted into intelligence quotient (IQ) scores, for use as markers of cognitive outcome. Independent t-tests and ANOVA statistics were utilised to identify features associated with lower IQ scores. Results: There was a negative correlation between age and CCFT IQ scores (r=-0.632, P=0.007). Factors predisposing patients to poorer cognitive outcomes included: recurrent tumour (P<0.05); surgical complications, e.g. infection (P<0.10); additional neurosurgical intervention for complications, e.g. haematoma (P<0.05); and haemosiderin deposition on post-operative radiology (P<0.05). Conclusions: Peri-operative features can predict patients’ cognitive outcome. Cognitive dysfunction after meningioma surgery may be more common than currently appreciated.
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