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Temporal pitch mechanisms in acoustic and electric hearing
CARLYON R., Van Wieringen, A., LONG, C., DEEKS, J., Wouters, J
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 112(2), August 2002, 621-633
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Two experiments investigated pitch reception for stimuli where the place of excitation was held constant. Experiment 1 used pulse trains in which the interpulse interval alternated between 4 and 6 ms. In experiment 1a these "4-6" pulse trains were bandpass filtered between 3900 and 5300Hz and presented acoustically against a noise background to normal listeners. The rate of an isochronous pulse train (in which all the interpulse intervals were equal) was adjusted so that it;s pitch matched that of the "4-6" stimulus. The pitch matches were distributed unimodually, had a mean of 5.7ms, and never corresponded to either 4 or 10ms (the period of the stimulus).