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Functional asymmetry in schizophrenic patients during auditory speech processing
Mohr, B., Heim, S., PULVERMULLER, F. & Rockstroh, B.
Schizophrenia Research, 52(1-2), 69-78
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In two experiments, functional laterality and interhemispheric transfer was investigated in schizophrenic patients (n=14) and healthy controls (n=17). In Experiment 1, words and pseudowords were presented either to the left or right ear (monaural condition) or simultaneously to both ears (binaural condition). In Experiment 2, subjects had to discriminate two tones differing in frequency during monaural and binaural stimulation. Healthy controls showed a right ear advantage (REA) for word stimuli, indicating left-hemispheric superiority for word processing. The same lateralization pattern was found in schizophrenic patients, indicating unimpaired functional lateralization of auditory language processing. In both groups, no REA was found for pseudowords resulting in significant Wordness x Ear interactions. When presented binaurally, auditory processing of words and pseudowords did not differ significantly from any of the two monaural conditions. Tone discrimination did not lead to any ear asymmetry. The results show normal patterns of functional asymmetry during auditory language processing and tone discrimination in schizophrenic patients.