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Outcome measures for survivors of acquired brain injury in day and outpatient neurorehabilitation programmes.
Williams, W. H., Evans, J. J., & WILSON, B. A.
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 9, 421-436.
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This paper describes methods for tracking outcome in day and outpatient neurological rehabilitation. It is argued that no one measure of outcome is sufficient for capturing the complexity of change possible through holistic rehabilitation for survivors of acquired brain injury. Definitions and expectations of rehabilitation are given from the perspectives of those who share a stake in its outcome: those providing, purchasing and receiving the services. These perspectives range from the reduction of impairment, disability and handicap and the promotion of social roles and psychological well being, to the achievement of personal goals. Measures presented for tracking these outcomes include evaluation of impairment, disability, handicap, mood and coping styles, occupational and residential status and goal attainment. It is argued that only by attending to such a range of outcomes and analysing interventions provided to achieve them, can the efficacy of rehabilitation be fully examined.