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Attention, space, and action: Studies in cognitive neuroscience
Humphreys, G. W., Duncan, J., & Treisman, A. M. (Eds.)
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This book arises from a Royal Society discussion meeting concerned with brain mechanisms of selective attention, held in November 1997. Contributions include mainstream cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, human and primate electrophysiology, functional neuroimaging, and computational modelling. Major sections concern visual selective attention (Desimone, Hillyard et al., Bundesen, Rees and Frith), attention and perceptual integration (Treisman, Duncan, Driver), spatial representation (O'Keefe et al., Humphreys, Corbetta and Shulman), attention and action (Sakata et al., Milner, Tipper et al.), and attentional control (Miller, Allport and Wylie, Robertson and Manly, Ward).