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Outcome measures in brain injury rehabilitation: report of a seminar on current practice.
WILSON, B. A. & Pender, N.
Clinical Psychology Forum, 111, 16-17
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For those involved in brain injury rehabilitation one question tends to dominate: How do we determine the effectiveness of our rehabilitation programmes? This can be rephrased as What outcome measures are used? Given the current relevance of the outcome measures issue and the difficulty in reaching a consensus of opinion on which of these measures to use, we decided to organise a one-day seminar and invite a number of teams engaged in brain injury rehabilitation to present their own views, have a "brainstorming" session and try to reach some tentative agreement on the best way to proceed in developing nationally agreed outcome measures. We felt that we needed to define the purposes for which outcome measures would be used. We spent some time discussing whether to use or modify existing measures or to develop new ones. The main feeling was that we should take the best measures available, some of which need further evaluation of their reliability and validity. One measure developed at the Homerton was considered as a joint research project for all teams to gather data on.