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Neuropsychological rehabilitation.
In A. Baum, S. Newman, J. Weinman, R. West & C. McManus (Eds), Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine, pp.230-233. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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Neuropsychological rehabilitation has reached an exciting stage of development with a worldwide growing interest in the subject as reflected in numerous conferences, debates, books and papers in journals relevant to the field. This interest has been stimulated by scientific research, on the one hand, and by improved and more sophisticated clinical practice, on the other. A wide range of methodologies is available to practitioners of neuropsychological rehabilitation, including those from cognitive neuropsychology, learning theory, developmental psychology, linguistics and, more recently, connectionist modelling. It is to be hoped that, as a result of combined efforts in the areas of theoretical debate, scientific research, and good clinical practice, a substantial and all embracing theory of neuropsychological rehabilitation will eventually emerge to inform psychologists and therapists working in the field.