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Coping with memory problems. A practical guide for people with memory impairments, relatives, friends and carers
Clare, L. & Wilson, B.A.
Bury St Edmunds: Thames Valley Test Company
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The first part of the book aims to provide a basic framework for understanding memory impairment by explaining how memory works, what happens when some aspects of memory functioning go wrong, and how the person with memory problems is likely to be affected. Some of the characteristic features of memory problems are described, along with the kinds of everyday difficulties which typically result, and the process of assessment is explained. In the second part of the book, strategies for dealing with memory problems are described. These are grouped into two main categories, firstly methods of adapting and coping, such as using memory aids and altering the environment in order to compensate for the memory loss and reduce the burden on memory, and secondly ways of making the most efficient use of remaining memory capacity. The importance of enhancing well-being, both for the person with memory problems and those around them, is emphasised. Numerous real-life examples are used to illustrate the points made in the text and demonstrate how individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds have attempted to cope with memory impairment. The book concludes with a list of useful sources of further information and help.