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Cinematography and interface design
May, J. & Barnard, P.
In K. Nordby, P.H. Helmersen, D.J. Gilmore & S.A. Arnesen (Eds), Human- Computer Interaction, Interact ‘95, pp. 26-30 London: Chapman & Hall
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Interface designers are increasingly relying on craft based approaches to compensate for a perceived lack of relevant theory. One such source is cinematography, where film makers succeed in helping viewers follow the narrative across cuts which change the information on the screen. Cinematography has evolved over the last century, and its rules of thumb cannot be applied directly to interface design. We analyse film makers' techniques with a cognitive theory (ICS) and show that they work by preserving thematic continuity across cuts. Expressing this theoretically allows us to extrapolate away from film, applying it to screen changes in interface design.