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Handbook of Memory Disorders.
Baddeley, A.D., Wilson, B.A. & Watts, F.N.
Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.
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One of the most striking features of the study of memory in recent years has been the extent to which work on clinical populations of subjects has contributed to the understanding of normal function. This has led to a large number of books and conference papers by and for memory research workers. While this material is beginning to filter through to clinicians and practitioners, the process has so far been a relatively slow one. The primary purpose of the present handbook is to speed up this process by encouraging our colleagues with expertise in specific areas of memory deficit to summarise recent work in a way that will make it accessible to the practising clinician. The book has four components, it begins with two brief review chapters concerned with the psychology and neurobiological basis of memory, followed by three more specialised sections. The first of these describes a range of different types of memory deficit, the second is concerned with issues of assessment of memory performance, while the third is concerned with the clinical management of memory problems.