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Factors affecting the clinical measurement of visuo-spatial neglect.
Pizzamiglio, L., Bergego, C., Halligan, P., Hömberg, V., Robertson, I., Weber, E., Wilson, B., Zoccolotti, P. & Deloche, G.
In F.J. Stachowiak, R. De Bleser, G. Deloche, R. Kaschel, H. Kremin, P. North, L. Pizzamiglio, I. Robertson, & B. Wilson, (Eds.), Developments in the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Brain-damaged Patients: Perspectives from a European Concerted Action (pp. 59-72). Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag.
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The present study examined a battery of tests to evaluate unilateral spatial neglect; the tests included different tasks involving several modalities of spatial exploration mapping perceptual, motor, attentional and personal or extrapersonal space dimensions. The subjects, 121 right brain damaged patients with unilateral neglect, were studied in seven laboratories in four European Countries. Relationships among the various tests were examined by correlations, a cluster analysis and by an analysis of individual cases. Different sensitivity was found among various tests for detecting neglect performances. Both the cluster analysis and the single case analysis clearly pointed out a segregation between personal and extrapersonal neglect. An analysis of the large cluster, including a variety of tests of extrapersonal neglect, together with the study of single cases, suggests the possibility of differentiating the various manifestations of spatial neglect which can be interpreted on the basis of the description of other individual cases previously appearing in the literature. Finally, the present study indicated the relative stability of neglect following the acute phase and its independence from age.