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Why do people with unilateral left neglect sometimes neglect to the right?
Robertson, I., Bergego, C., Halligan, P., Hömberg, V., Pizzamiglio, L., Weber, E. & Wilson, B.
In F.J. Stachowiak, R. De Bleser, G. Deloche, R. Kaschel, H. Kremin, P. North, L. Pizzamiglio, I. Robertson, & B. Wilson, (Eds.), Developments in the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Brain-damaged Patients: Perspectives from a European Concerted Action (pp. 79-84). Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag.
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In this paper, evidence for ipsilesional neglect is presented, and explained in terms of compensatory scanning superimposed on impaired non-lateralised attention.