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Neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV-1 infection in gay men: Controlled investigation of psychiatric, neuropsychological and neurological status.
Riccio, M., Pugh, K., Jadresic, D., Burgess, A., Thompson, C., Wilson, B., Lovett, E., Baldeweg, T., Hawkins, D.A. & Catalan, J.
Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 37, 819-830.
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The aim of this study was to determine whether HIV infection is associated with psychiatric morbidity of neuropsychological impairment in asymptomatic and early symptomatic stages of disease in gay men. The subjects were 100 gay men (68 HIV -ve, 32 HIV +ve, 6 being CDC IV). All subjects were recruited at the time of requesting their first HIV test and the assessment was double-blind to HIV serostatus. There were no differences in psychiatric status or neuropsychological performance between the HIV -ve and HIV +ve groups. Multiple regression analysis and logistic regression were used to identify factors associated with psychiatric morbidity, neuropsychological impairment and subjective reporting of memory problems and physical symptoms for all 100 subjects. Previous psychiatric history and current illegal (non-dependent) drug use were associated with psychiatric morbidity, poor education was associated with neuropsychological impairment and psychiatric status (score on HAD and PSE) was associated with subjective reporting of memory problems and physical symptoms.