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Neuropsychological and SPECT findings during and after transient global amnesia: Evidence for the differential impairment of remote episodic memory.
Evans, J.J., Wilson, B.A., Wraight, E.P. & Hodges, J.R.
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 56, 1227-1230.
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A patient underwent neuropsychological testing during, and at 2 days and 7 weeks after a transient global amnesia attack. During the attack, she exhibited a characteristically profound anterograde amnesia but a limited remote memory loss; the most striking impairment was a deficit in personal episodic memory revealed by her performance on the Autobiographical Memory Interview. Personal and general semantic information was less impaired although there were indications of a temporal gradient in the impairment. When tested post-attack, she demonstrated normal anterograde and retrograde memory. A SPECT scan performed during TGA showed a focal reduction in cerebral perfusion in the postero-medial temporal lobes bilaterally which had resolved by 7 weeks post-attack.