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Performance of stroke patients on the Middlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental State.
Shiel, A. & Wilson, B.A.
Clinical Rehabilitation, 6, 283-289.
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As the population of elderly people rises, so too does the incidence of cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Cognitive impairment is considered to be a strong predictor of outcome following CVA, and elderly patients may have pre-existing, undiagnosed cognitive impairment as well as impairment caused by the CVA. The present study describes the performance of patients with unilateral hemispheric CVA (Right hemisphere n = 38, Left hemisphere n = 17) on the Middlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental Status (MEAMS), which was developed as a screening tool of cognitive dysfunction for elderly patients. The patients had no documented evidence of premorbid cognitive impairment. All the patients with scores at borderline or below (n = 7) had language impairment and thus had difficulty with the language oriented tests. Differences between the right hemisphere and left hemisphere groups are also presented and their performance on the various subjects discussed. It is concluded that the MEAMS is a useful instrument to use to screen stroke patients for cognitive impairment.