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Application of some statistical methods for comparing samples of hue-angle data.
Chronicle, E. & Nimmo-Smith, I.
Color Research and Application, 17, 375-378.
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Several colour spaces utilise angular measures of hue: for examples, CIE 1976 u, v hue-angle; CIE 1976 a, b hue-angle. Such measures are not amenable to conventional statistical analysis, unless a categorisation of hue-angles has previously been decided upon, in which case non-parametric tests are appropriate. In this paper we present two recently established methods which are appropriate for the parametric statistical analysis of hue-angle data from two or more samples: (i) a test of the equality of angular variances; (ii) a test of the equality of mean angles. These tests may be performed easily on a microcomputer and produce statistics conforming approximately to well-known distributions. We envisage that the tests will be of interest to psychologists and others working in the field of colour research.