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A memory group for individuals with brain injury.
Evans, J.J. & Wilson, B.A.
Clinical Rehabilitation, 6, 75-81.
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Five patients with memory impairments resulting from brain injury attended a memory group which ran weekly for 11 months. The group was focussed on helping patients find ways of utilising memory aids to help with everyday memory problems. Memory games were used to encourage patients to devise strategies for dealing with novel problems. One aim was to facilitate social support amongst patients and opportunities were taken to address the emotional consequences of memory impairment. There were changes in the pattern of use of memory aids and these are discussed. Memory functioning as measured by a memory test (RBMT) did not show any significant improvements. There were some reductions in levels of general anxiety and depression over the course of the group. Patients' feedback indicates that being in a group with others with similar difficulties was both helpful and enjoyable. The advantages of a group run over a longer period than is usual are discussed.