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The autobiographical memory interview: A new assessment of autobiographical and personal semantic memory in amnesic patients.
Kopelman, M.D., Wilson, B.A. & Baddeley, A.D.
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 11, 724-744.
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This paper describes a new technique for assessing 'autobiographical' and 'personal semantic' memory in amnesic patients and healthy controls. It provides evidence of the reliability and validity of the procedure, and reports an age-related temporal gradient in amnesic patients. The results are considered in terms of the severity, the rate of onset, and the duration of the amnesia; and a preliminary analysis is given of the findings in different diagnostic groups. The findings indicate that autobiographical and personal semantic memory shows a consistent pattern of impairment, when a comparison is made which controls for the age of the memories and the subject's own past experience.