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Rapid prototyping of dialogue for human factors research: The EASIE approach.
MacLean, A., Barnard, P. & Wilson, M.
In M.D. Harrison & A.F. Monk (Eds.), People and Computers: Designing for Usability (pp.180-195). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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Facilities for the rapid prototyping of dialogue are an extremely important component of a successful User Interface Management System (UIMS). Exactly how the UIMS should be optimized will depend on the type of application being developed and the environment in which it is being used. This paper focusses on the support for dialogue construction provided in EASIE ( Experimental Applications System for Integrated Environments). EASIE is specifically designed to support human factors research into the human interface of so called ‘integrated systems’ by providing both flexibility and simplicity in the construction and modification of the dialogue. This is done by treating the dialogue specification at two distinct levels. A Dialogue Script (DS) text file contains the minimum amount of information necessary to define and modify the dialogue, and a separate Dialogue Interface (DI) maps the DS onto the basic functionality of the application.