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Tochukwu Nweze
Graduate student
01223 766 166
CBSU publications
Ezenwa, M.O., Orjiakor, T.C., Ukwuma, M.C., Oraetue, H.I., Ude, E.N., NWEZE, T. (In Press) Tracking opiate routes in Nigeria: Identifying trafficking routes via dealers and users of Tramadol and Codeine, Bulletin on Narcotics [Read More]

NWEZE, T. , Nwani, W. (2020) Contributions of working memory and inhibition to cognitive flexibility in Nigerian adolescents, Developmental Neuropsychology, 45(3), 118-128 [Open Access]

NWEZE, T. , Nwoke, M.B., Nwufo, J.I., Aniekwu, R.I., Lange,F. (2020) Working for the future: Parentally deprived Nigerian Children have enhanced working memory ability, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 62(3), 280-288 [Open Access]

Zeigler-Hill, V., Martinez, J.L., Vrabel, J.K., Ezenwa, M.O., Oraetue, H., NWEZE, T. , Andrews, D., Kenny, B (2020) The Darker Angels of Our Nature: Do Social Worldviews Mediate the Associations that Dark Personality Features have with Ideological Attitudes?, Personality and Individual Differences, 160, 109920 [Open Access]

NWEZE, T. , Eze, C., Lange, F. (2020) Perseverative responding in Nigerian chronic alcohol and marijuana users, Substance Use and Misuse, 55(7), 1199-1202 [Open Access]

NWEZE, T. , Agu, E., Lange, F. (2020) Risky decision making and cognitive flexibility among online sports bettors in Nigeria, International Journal of Psychology, 55(6), 995-1002 [Open Access]