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Salma Elnagar
Research Staff
01223 355 294

I am interested in how different brain regions work together to help us learn and remember events in our everyday life. Specifically, I want to understand how prior knowledge influences new learning by looking at how the medial temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex work together to encode, store and retrieve episodic memory.

I completed my BA in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge where I did my thesis on source memory and hallucination proneness under the supervision of Professor Jon Simons and Dr Jane Garrison. I am now completing my MSc degree in Neuroscience (with a focus on computational neuroscience) at LMU in Munich. As a visiting student at the CBU, I am doing my MSc thesis on the neural correlates of episodic memory in naturalistic stimuli, supervised by Professor Rik Henson and Dr Andrea Greve.