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Roni Tibon
Research fellow (British Academy), Memory and Perception group
01223 769417
CBSU publications
TIBON, R. (In Press) The ventral lateral parietal cortex in episodic memory: From content to attribution, Behavioral and Brain Sciences [Read More]

TIBON, R. , Bingcan, L., Han, M., Guo, C. (In Press) Unitization modulates recognition of within-domain and cross-domain associations: Evidence from event related potentials, Psychophysiology [Open Access]

TIBON, R. (2019) Multimodal integration and vividness in the angular gyrus during episodic encoding and retrieval, Journal of Neuroscience, 39 (22) 4365-4374 [Open Access]

GREVE, A., COOPER, E., TIBON, R. , HENSON, R. (2018) Knowledge is power: prior knowledge aids memory for both congruent and incongruent events, but in different ways, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148(2):325-341 [Open Access]

TIBON, R. , GREVE, A., HENSON. R. (2018) The missing link? Testing a schema account of unitization, Memory & Cognition, 46(7), 1023–1040 [Open Access]

Levy, D.A., Mika, R., Radzyminski, C., Ben-Zvi, S. & TIBON, R. (2018) Behavioral Reconsolidation Interference with Episodic Memory Within-Subjects is Elusive, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 150, 75-83 [Open Access]

TIBON, R. , CBU Open Science Committee, HENSON, R. (2018) Title TBA: Revising the Abstract Submission Process, Trends in Cognitive Science, 22(4), 271-274 [Open Access]

TIBON, R. , COOPER, E., GREVE, A. (2017) Does Semantic Congruency Accelerate Episodic Encoding, or Increase Semantic Elaboration, The Journal of Neuroscience, 37(19):4861-4863 [Open Access]

Bridger, E., Kursawe, A-L., Bader, R., TIBON, R. , Gronau, N., Levy, D., Mecklinger, A. (2017) Age effects on associative memory for novel picture pairings, Brain Research, 1664:102-115 [Open Access]

TIBON, R. , COOPER, E. (2016) When One Is More Than Two: Increasing Our Memory, Frontiers for Young Minds, 4:11 [Open Access]

TIBON, R. , and HENSON, R.N. (2015) Commentary on “Recollection reduces unitised familiarity effect”, Frontiers in Psychology 2015, 6:757 [Open Access]