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Moataz Assem
Graduate student
01223 769908
CBSU publications
ASSEM, M. , SHASHIDHARA, S., Glasser, M.F., DUNCAN, J.D. (In Press) Precise topology of adjacent domain-general and sensory-biased regions in the human brain, Cerebral Cortex [Read More]

EREZ, Y., ASSEM, M. , Coelho, P., Romero-Garcia, R., Owen, M., McDonald, A., Woodberry, E., Morris, R.C., Price, S.J., Suckling, J., DUNCAN, J.D., Hart, M.G., Santarius,T. (2020) Intraoperative mapping of executive function using electrocorticography for patients with low-grade gliomas, Acta Neurochirurgica (2020) [Open Access]

DUNCAN, J., ASSEM, M. , SHASHIDHARA, S. (2020) Integrated intelligence from distributed brain activity, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 24(10):838-852 [Open Access]

ASSEM, M. , Asher Blank, I., Mineroff, Z. Ademoglu,A., Fedorenko, E. (2020) Activity in the Fronto-Parietal Multiple-Demand Network is Robustly Associated with Individual Differences in Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence, Cortex, 131, October 2020, Pages 1-16 [Open Access]

ASSEM, M. , Glasser, M.F., Van Essen, D.C., DUNCAN, J.D. (2020) A Domain-General Cognitive Core Defined in Multimodally Parcellated Human Cortex, Cerebral Cortex, 30(8), 4361-4380 [Open Access]