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Marc Bennett
Research staff
01223 766166
CBSU publications
HOLMES, J., MAREVA, S., BENNETT, M. P., Black, M.J., & GUY, J. (In Press) Higher-Order Dimensions of Psychopathology in a Neurodevelopmental Transdiagnostic Sample, Journal of Abnormal Psychology [Read More]

BENNETT, M. P., KNIGHT,R., PATEL, S., LEE, T., DUNNING, D., Barnhoferm T., Smith, P., Kuyken, W., Ford, T., DALGLEISH, T. (2021) Decentering as a core component in the psychological treatment and prevention of youth anxiety and depression: A narrative review and insight report, Translational Psychiatry, 11(1):288 [Open Access]

Bennett, M. P., Roche, B., Dymond, S., Baeyens, F., Vervliet, B., Hermans, D. (2020) Transitions from avoidance: Reinforcing competing behaviours reduces generalised avoidance in new contexts., Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 73(12), 2119-2131 [Open Access]

Ahmed, S., Foulkes, L., Leung, J.T., Griffin, C., Sakhardande, A., BENNETT, M. , DUNNING, D.L., GRIFFITHS, K., Parker, J., Kuyken, W., Williams, J.M.G., DALGLEISH, T., Blakemore, S.J. (2020) Susceptibility to prosocial and antisocial influence in adolescence, Journal of Adolescence, 84, 56-88 [Open Access]