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Kristjan Kalm
Research staff, Hearing and language group
01223 355294 x.593

My research interests lie broadly in the models and neurobiology of memory and learning. I am particularly interested in the representation and learning of sequential information and I use fMRI and computational modelling to study how human memory systems in the basal ganglia and the medio-temporal lobe participate in these processes.

CBSU publications
KALM, K. , NORRIS, D. (2018) Visual recency bias is explained by a mixture model of internal representations, Journal of Vision, 18(7):1 [Open Access]

KALM, K. , NORRIS, D. (2017) Reading positional codes with Fmri: Problems and solutions, PLOS One, 12(5):e0176585 [Open Access]

KALM, K. , NORRIS, D. (2017) A shared representation of order between encoding and recognition in visual short-term memory, NeuroImage, 155:138-146 [Open Access]

KALM, K. , NORRIS, D. (2016) Recall is not necessary for verbal sequence learning, Memory & Cognition [Open Access]

KALM, K. & NORRIS, D. (2014) The representation of order information in auditory-verbal short-term memory, Journal of Neuroscience, 34(20), 6879-6886 [Open Access]

KALM, K. , & NORRIS, D. (2013) Individual sequence representations in the medial temporal lobe, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25(7), 1111-1121 [Read More]

KALM, K. , DAVIS, M.H., NORRIS, D. (2012) Neural mechanisms underlying the grouping effect in short-term memory, Human Brain Mapping, 33(7), 1634-1647 [Read More]