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Jacalyn Guy
Research Staff
01223 355 294
CBSU publications
HOLMES, J., MAREVA, S., BENNETT, M.P., Black, M.J., & GUY, J. (In Press) Higher-Order Dimensions of Psychopathology in a Neurodevelopmental Transdiagnostic Sample, Journal of Abnormal Psychology [Read More]

HOLMES, J., GUY, J. , MAREVA, S., BRYANT, A. KIEVIT, R., GATHERCOLE, S. (In Press) Cognitive Dimensions of Learning in Children with Problems in Attention, Learning and Memory, Journal of Educational Psychology [Open Access]

GUY, J. , NG-CORDELL, E., Doherty, B.R., Duta, M., Scerif, G. (2020) Understanding attention, memory and social biases in fragile X syndrome: Going below the surface with a multi-method approach, Research in Developmental Disabilities, 104, 103693 [Read More]

Bryant, A., GUY, J. , CALM Team, HOLMES, J. (2020) The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Predicts Concurrent Mental Health Difficulties in a Transdiagnostic Sample of Struggling Learners, Frontiers in Psychology, Developmental Psychology, 11:587821 [Open Access]