Francesca Biondo
Graduate student, Executive processes group
01223 355294

I am a PhD student in the Attention and Cognitive Control group under the supervision of Prof John Duncan and Dr Daniel Mitchell. My PhD research investigates how task complexity and structure affects goal‐directed behaviour and how individual differences such as age and IQ influence the underlying cognitive processes.

I have also worked for 2 years on a lesion study funded by the Wellcome Trust and a collaboration between the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit and University College London/National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. This research involved neuropsychological testing of patients with focal brain lesions and use of lesion-behaviour mapping analyses involving structural MRI scans to investigate detailed functioning of the frontal lobes.

I am also collaborating on a CamCAN project which looks at mapping neural networks to performance on problem solving tasks, based on a large sample of fMRI data.


Cipolotti, L., Healy, C., Spano, B., Lecce, F., Biondo, F. et al., (2015) Strategy and suppression impairments after right lateral prefrontal and orbito‐frontal lesions. Brain, awv269

Cipolotti L, Spanò B, Healy C, Tudor-Sfetea C, Chan E, White M, Biondo F, Duncan J, Shallice T, Bozzali M (2016) Inhibition processes are dissociable and lateralized in human prefrontal cortex. Neuropsychologia 93, Part A:1-12.

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Cipolotti, L., Spano, B., Healy, C., Tudr-Sfetea, C., Chan, E., White, M., BIONDO, F. , DUNCAN, J. (2016) Inhibition processes are dissociable and lateralized in human prefrontal cortex., Neuropsychologia, 93, 1-12 [Read More]