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David Johnston
Visiting Scientist
01223 355 294
CBSU publications
HITCHCOCK, C., GOODAL, B., Wright, I.M., Boyle, A., Johnston, D. , DUNNING, D., Gillard, J., GRIFFITHS, K., Humphrey, A., Mckinnon, A., Panesar, I.K., Werner-Seidler, A., WATSON, P., Smtih, P., Meiser-Stedman, R., DALGLEISH, T. (In Press) The early course and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder in very young children: Diagnostic prevalence and predictors in hospital-attending children and a randomized controlled proof-of-concept trial of trauma-focused cognitive therapy, for 3-8 year olds, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry [Open Access]

Deady, M., Glozier, N., Calvo, R., JOHNSTON, D. , Mackinnon, A., Milne, D., Choi, I., Gayed, A., Peters, D., Bryant, R., Christensen, H., Harvey, S.B. (2020) Preventing depression using a smartphone app: a randomized controlled trial, Psychological Medicine, 06 July 2020, 1-10 [Open Access]

DALGLEISH,T., BLACK, M., JOHNSTON, D. , BEVAN, A. (2020) Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health Problems: Current Status and Future Directions, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 88(3):179-195 [Open Access]

BLACK, M., HITCHCOCK, C., BEVAN, A., O’LEAHRY, C., Clarke, J., ELLIOT, R., WATSON, P., Lafortune, L., Rae, S., Gilbody, S., Kuyken, W., Johnston, D. , Newby, J., DALGLEISH, T. (2018) The HARMONIC trial: Study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial of Shaping Healthy Minds – a modular transdiagnostic intervention for mood, stress and anxiety disorders in adults, BMJ Open, 8(8), E024546 [Open Access]