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Darren Price
Research Staff, CamCAN project
01223 355 294
My interests are in the use of electro-physiological measures such as EEG and MEG to investigate brain oscillations, functional dynamics, and their relationship with cognition in healthy and diseased states (such as schizophrenia). I currently work for the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (CamCAN) project as a post-doctoral researcher and data manager.


Rik Henson (CBU, Cambridge) Matthew Brookes (SPMIC, University of Nottingham) Lorraine Tyler (CSLB, Cambridge)
CBSU publications
Schweizer, S., STRETTON, J., Van Belle, J., PRICE, D. , CALDER, A.J., Cam-CAN, DALGLEISH, T. (In Press) Age-related decline in positive emotional reactivity and emotion regulation in a population-derived cohort, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience [Open Access]

FUHRMANN, D., NESBITT, D., Shafto, M., ROWE, J.B., PRICE, D. , Gadie, A., Cam-CAN. & KIEVIT, R.A. (In Press) Strong and specific associations between cardiovascular risk factors and brain white matter micro- and macro-structure in healthy ageing, Neurobiology of Aging [Open Access]

PRICE, D. , Tyler, L., Henriques, R.N., Campbell, K., Williams, N., Treder, M., Taylor, J., HENSON, R. (2017) Age-Related Delay in Visual and Auditory Evoked Responses is Mediated by White- and Gray-matter Differences, Nature Commmunications, 8:15671 [Open Access]