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Darren Price
Research Staff, CamCAN project
01223 355 294
My interests are in the use of electro-physiological measures such as EEG and MEG to investigate brain oscillations, functional dynamics, and their relationship with cognition in healthy and diseased states (such as schizophrenia). I currently work for the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (CamCAN) project as a post-doctoral researcher and data manager.


Rik Henson (CBU, Cambridge) Matthew Brookes (SPMIC, University of Nottingham) Lorraine Tyler (CSLB, Cambridge)
CBSU publications
FUHRMANN, D., NESBITT, D., Shafto, M., ROWE, J.B., PRICE, D. , Gadie, A., Cam-CAN. & KIEVIT, R.A. (In Press) Strong and specific associations between cardiovascular risk factors and brain white matter micro- and macro-structure in healthy ageing, Neurobiology of Aging [Open Access]

PRICE, D. , Tyler, L., Henriques, R.N., Campbell, K., Williams, N., Treder, M., Taylor, J., HENSON, R. (2017) Age-Related Delay in Visual and Auditory Evoked Responses is Mediated by White- and Gray-matter Differences, Nature Commmunications, 8:15671 [Open Access]