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Representations of Serial Order
Henson, R.N.A & Burgess, N
In Bullinaria, J.A., Glasspool, D.W & Houghton, G (Eds.), 4th Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop (pp.283-300), London: Springer
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Three means of representing serial order in connectionalist models are identified: interim associations (eg the recurrent network of Jordan), ordinal respresentations (eg, the activation gradiant of Grossberg) and positional representations (eg, the control signal of Houghton). Error data from studies of human short-term memory favour positional representations. Three types of positional representations are possible: those of temporal position (eg, the OSCAR model of Brown et al), absolute position (eg, the Articulatory Loop model of Burgess & Hitch) and relative position (eg, the Start-End Model of Henson). Recent data favour representations of relative position. A connectionist implementation of relative position is discussed.