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Phonological ALEXIA of PHONOLOGICAL Alexia?
Patterson, K. & Marcel, A.J.
In J. Alegria, D. Holender, J. Junça de Morais & M. Radeau (Eds.), Analytic Approaches to Human Cognition (pp. 259-274). Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
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This chapter addresses the issue of the relationship between reading and phonological abilities in non-reading tasks, using data from adult neurological patients with an acquired reading disorder known as phonological alexia. Although the deficit in such cases has typically been characterised as specific to the domain of reading, in the majority of cases, the reading disorder may be just one symptom of a more general disruption to phonological processing. The chapter summarises the performance of six phonological alexic patients on tasks similar to those pioneered by Paul Bertelson and the Brussels group, in their work on non-literate but neurologically normal adults. The results are discussed in relation to (a) models of reading processes, (b) ideas (from speech errors) about the structure of phonology in speech production, (c) comparisons of initial reading instruction and rehabilitation for neurological impairments.