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The role of phonological memory in normal and disordered language development.
Gathercole, S. & Baddeley, A.
In C. von Euler, I. Lundberg & G. Lennerstrand (Eds.), Brain and Reading (pp.245-255). London: Macmillan Press.
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The paper reviews recent work demonstrating close links between phonological memory skills in children and the development of complex language abilities such as vocabulary acquisition. A study of language disordered children is described in which the poor vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills of these children is shown to be accompanied by severe phonological memory deficits. Further findings from a longitudinal study of young children with normal language development has also shown a close link between phonological memory skills and vocabulary development. It is suggested that phonological memory may play a central role in learning new words, and that differences in memory skills may critically differentiate children with normal and poor language development.