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Variability and consistency in picture naming by aphasic patients.
Howard, D., Patterson, K., Franklin, S., Morton, J. & Orchard-Lisle, V.
In F.C. Rose (Ed.), Progress in Aphasiology (pp.263-276). New York: Raven Press.
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Twelve chronic aphasic patients with naming difficulties were tested (a) three times on naming a set of 300 pictures, (b) twice on naming a different set of 300 pictures ( but of the same objects, i.e. with the same names as the original set) and (c) once on reading the printed names of these 300 objects. The design permits evaluation of consistency of success in naming for individual patients ( on different presentations of both the same picture and the same object) and for individual names ( as a function, for example, of length and frequency) plus consistency in the nature of the errors ( omissions and/or incorrect names offered). Of particular concern is the question of whether effects in group studies of aphasic patients are characteristic of the indidviduals composing those groups.